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new knit work in progress new knit work in progress

Here are few images of a series of knit objects based on simple algorithms. Read a little more about this work in progress HERE.   Below are other knit sketches for Breathing, and two upcoming pieces blanket (blood) and tendency from 2010 to present. The intimacy of our understanding of knit cloth is fascinating to me, […]

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Essays, exhibition texts and other writing from 2005 to present. All text authored by Mackenzie Kelly-Frère, © 2014 all rights reserved. 2014 Statement “My studio practice is rooted in a contemplative approach to cloth construction using natural materials and plant-sourced colour. I favour compositional strategies where both the duration of and intervals between pattern elements […]

Air over land | material study Air over land | material study

On July 2, 2011, I traveled with my partner Kristofer Kelly to land owned by my parents near Delia, Alberta. There we set up a maquette for a series of large textile sculptures that became Air over land. Read more about this project on ArtClothText


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Continuum featured in ACC Magazine

Continuum featured in ACC Magazine

Posted on Jul 9, 2014 in exhibition, news

I received my copy of Alberta Craft Council’s magazine today. This issue includes a two-page spread about Continuum, a group exhibition featuring the work artists working in craft media who also teach. I am very excited to be showing some new work alongside some of my colleagues from the Alberta College of Art + Design including: Sarabeth Carnat, […]

“Continuum” at the Alberta Craft Council

“Continuum” at the Alberta Craft Council

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 in exhibition, news

A three-panel work Frequency will be included in Continuum, an exhibition exploring “…the creative exchange of teaching and learning.”  The exhibition runs from July 12, to September 27 in the Feature Gallery at the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton, Alberta with an opening reception July 12 from 2 – 4 pm. Participating artists include: Mindy Andrews, […]

“Frequency” opens February 22

“Frequency” opens February 22

Posted on Feb 12, 2014 in exhibition, news

Read more about this exhibition on ArtClothText.

“The intimacy of cloth made by hand, and our centuries-old familiarity with it make cloth not only related to the body, but itself (an)other body. In my recent work I am compelled by the way in which cloth may intimate both human presence and absence (often simultaneously) and have begun to explore the notion of embodiment as it relates to the praxis of making cloth by hand. As a material aggregation of dedicated gestures, breath and thought enacted through an interval of time – cloth tacitly communicates the immaterial and enmeshes the intangible.”   – Mackenzie Kelly-Frère


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