Cast-offs | knitting progress

Posted on Jul 30, 2015 in news


This week I’ve been collecting finished pieces from knitters in Calgary for Cast-offs. These will soon be sent to the Inverness County Centre for the Arts to be installed on the grounds outside the museum. The piece will be part of the exhibition Interlacing Conversations opening August 30, 2015. So far we have twenty-five pieces with more on their way! I am very grateful for all the knitters who have contributed to this project. Anyone interested in participating  (I will be accepting knit pieces until the last week of August) may contact me directly ( or contact the folks at ICCA. Yarn and patterns are provided.


Thank you Callie Beller, Rui Gao, Julia Krueger, Christina Pickles, Brier Reid, Megan Slater and Janice Taylor for the creativity, enthusiasm and plain old hard work that you have contributed to this project.