Interlacing Conversations at ICCA

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 in news

This Sunday, August 30 Interlacing Conversations opens at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts in Nova Scotia. I am thrilled to be a part of this exhibition curated by Elizabeth Whalley featuring the work of, Joanna Close, Barb Hunt, Robyn Love and others. The opening reception is from 6 pm until 9 pm at ICCA. Everyone is welcome!

image credit: Robyn Love

Cast-offs | image credit: Robyn Love

Interlacing Conversations has given me the opportunity to create Cast-offs with knitters in two provinces, and to share video and textile objects from Air over land, a project I started in 2011. In 2014 I exhibited the pieces on their own, but for this exhibition I wanted to try stitching them carefully to cotton forms for hanging.


It was an arduous task stitching each fragment of linen and wool to the cloth support. At the same time it was satisfying to handle each square inch of the textiles and marvel at how they were transformed by wind and weather.


Once finished I documented the pieces in my friend Barbara Sutherland‘s studio before shipping them to Inverness. More images of the pieces are available on my website.


Completed timelapse documentation of Air over land will be shown during Interlacing Conversations. If like me you are unable to attend the exhibition I have uploaded the complete video here.

Air over land 51.511, -112.4079 from Mackenzie Kelly-Frere on Vimeo.