Here are few images of a series of knit objects based on simple algorithms. Read a little more about this work in progress HERE.

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Below are other knit sketches for works in progress from 2010 on. The intimacy of our understanding of knit cloth is fascinating to me, both as social fabric and as an object of compassion.

In these new knit works I am using in knit cloth as an analog not only to care (as clothing made for us by a relative for example) but also to our body and its tissues. 

  • MFrere-Breath1
  • MFrere-Breath1DET-640x458
  • Mfrere-Breath2
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  • MF-Study-Blanket-780x521
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  • kstudy-tendency-web
  • kstudy-tendencyDET1-web
  • kstudy-tendencyDET2