Codex is a series of handwoven cloth panels investigating the complex interaction of measured ink pattern and randomized block patterns utilizing an ancient weave structure known as samit.

The first few images are installation shots of Codex 1 and 2 from In the makingan exhibition at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery featuring the work of: Ward Bastian, Jolie Bird, Nicole Burisch, Hyang Cho, Dean Drever, MacKenzie Kelly-Frère, Stephen Holman, Robin Lambert, Wednesday Lupypciw, Brendan McGillicuddy, Tyler Rock, Jenna Stanton, and Pavitra Wickramasinghe.

Image 1 (left to right): works by Jolie Bird, Hyang Cho, Brendan McGillicuddy, Dean Drever with Codex 1 and 2 in the foreground.

Image 3 (left to right): works by Pavitra Wickramasinghe and Ward Bastian with Codex 1 and 2 in the foreground.

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